16 Oct Leaving a company health insurance scheme when retiring

Are you retiring and wondering how you continue your private health cover?

Your company health insurance cover is likely to come to an end, immediately after you leave the business, your insurer will then give you the option to transfer your cover to an individual plan. Following a recent survey carried out by Switch Health, we found 80% of retirees reported that the premium quoted for moving from a company scheme to an individual plan was unaffordable.

It is important to ask yourself what is important with regards to your cover, are there certain hospitals you want to be treated at or would you consider adding an excess. It’s a good idea to shop around or contact a broker like Switch Health, as we know the PMI market inside out. Not only we will we save you time, but our relationship with our board of insurers, allows us to obtain discounts not available elsewhere.

Even if you have a pre-existing condition or treatment pending, it is still important to review your options, if we can’t switch you to another insurer we can help negotiate a lower premium.

If you are leaving a company health insurance scheme and would like advice on switching to an individual plan, then get in touch today by submitting our quote enquiry form.