Switching your health insurance is a lot easier than you may think. It is worth considering switching insurers not only to save you money, but more often than not another policy can offer you better cover.

You may need to update your  health insurance to fit in with changes in your lifestyle. If you are starting a family, have a new partner or if your moving from a company scheme, these are all good reasons to consider switching.

Why use Switch Health to move insurers

After submitting your quote form on our website, one of our dedicated insurance specialists will be in touch to run through some basic medical history questions and to find out what is essential to you with regards to your health insurance.

Your adviser will then perform a whole of market review and present you with the best option, based on your requirements.

You will then receive your free, no obligation quote. If you decide to take this option, we will then become your health insurance intermediary, which means we will automatically renegotiate your premiums at renewal. We will also continue to support you if you have any queries, claims or issues with your policy.